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WPC care

As a rule, wood-plastic composite products do not require special care. Washing agent is necessary to remove surface stains, dust, dirt and sludge. The specially developed formula of Outdoor brand provides optimal care for WPC.

The washing agent has a number of advantages:

• hypoallergenic;
• effectively removes stains of various origins (insect marks, oil stains, stains from wine, berries, coffee and others);
• does not leave streaks, is easily washed off with water;
• is a superconcentrate, therefore it is consumed economically;
• antiseptic properties help prevent the appearance of mold and mildew;
• can be used in both machine and hand wash;
• universally in use, as it is suitable for cleaning not only WPC, but also garden furniture, plastic products, surfaces made of porcelain stoneware, stone, metal.

Recommendations for use:

The concentration of the washing agent and the exposure time depend on the initial stage of surface contamination.
For greater effectiveness, after application, the detergent must be left for 2-3 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed with high pressure water at a close distance until the detergent is completely removed.
Outdoor detergent will help to extend the life of your products and keep them intact.

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