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Adjustable pedestal KRONEX 133-225 мм

Adjustable pedestal KRONEX 133-225 мм. Color Black
Adjustable pedestal KRONEX 133-225 мм. Black
  • Black
  • 133-225 мм

About the material

Kronex adjustable supports are a modern and effective solution for use in the construction and installation of verandas, terraces, playgrounds and other garden structures, the irregularities of the site often become a problem that makes it difficult to work and even can lead to the movement of the structure to another place with a more even terrain.

To level the site, you need to remove or apply the soil, pour the foundation and only then proceed to installation.

Kronex adjustable supports have a simple and reliable design with a threaded connection. By turning the screw, you can set the desired level of the upper platform of the support and set the level of the log and flooring. Thanks to this, adjustable supports allow you to easily and quickly level the surface of the floor or roof, whether it is a terrace, a veranda made of WPC, tiles, garden parquet.

Some models of supports have an automatic tilt corrector, can withstand high loads, are easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of coatings. In addition, the flooring with adjustable supports is easily dismantled, which is ideal for temporary seasonal structures.

Kronex plastic supports have characteristic advantages


• Creating raised floors
• Laying of decking
• Laying of floor tiles
• The alignment of the terrain
  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology
  • High resistance to moisture and rotHigh resistance to moisture and rot
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • High strength and wear resistanceHigh strength and wear resistance
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