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Unregulated pedestal KRONEX 13 мм

Unregulated pedestal KRONEX 13 мм. Color Black
Unregulated pedestal KRONEX 13 мм. Black
  • Black
  • 13 мм

About the material

Non-adjustable Kronex supports - a modern and effective solution application in the construction and installation of verandas, terraces, playgrounds and other garden structures, the unevenness of the site often becomes a problem that makes it difficult to work and can even cause the structure to be moved to another place with a more even terrain.

To level the area, you need to remove or apply the soil, fill the foundation and only then proceed to installation.

Kronex plastic supports have characteristic advantages


    <li>Creating raised floors</li>
    <li>Laying of decking</li>
    <li>Laying of floor tiles</li>
    <li>The alignment of the terrain</li>
  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology
  • High resistance to moisture and rotHigh resistance to moisture and rot
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • High strength and wear resistanceHigh strength and wear resistance
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