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Automatic regulator of the inclination angle KRONEX

Automatic regulator of the inclination angle KRONEX. Color Black
Automatic regulator of the inclination angle KRONEX. Black
  • Black
  • до 5,5 градусов

About the material

It is attached to the top of the support, allows you to level the level of the flooring in a strictly horizontal position with a slope of the base up to 5.5° (9.6%).
The use of the automatic angle controller KRONEX, increases the height of the support by 21mm.
  • Double-sided profileDouble-sided profile
  • Eco-friendly and clean materialEco-friendly and clean material
  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology
  • High resistance to moisture and rotHigh resistance to moisture and rot
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • High strength and wear resistanceHigh strength and wear resistance
  • Made from technorotangMade from technorotang
  • Always a bright terraceAlways a bright terrace
  • Doesn't leave streaksDoesn't leave streaks
  • Antiseptic formulaAntiseptic formula
  • Economical in useEconomical in use
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