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Anti-vibration lining KRONEX

Anti-vibration lining KRONEX. Color Black
Anti-vibration lining KRONEX. Black
  • Black
  • 118*1 мм
  • 118*2 мм

About the material

The lining is designed to dampen and minimize the impact of vibration loads from the flooring. It is attached to the top of the support with the help of tabulators, which will be used when installing the flooring.
  • Double-sided profileDouble-sided profile
  • Eco-friendly and clean materialEco-friendly and clean material
  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology
  • High resistance to moisture and rotHigh resistance to moisture and rot
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • High strength and wear resistanceHigh strength and wear resistance
  • Made from technorotangMade from technorotang
  • Always a bright terraceAlways a bright terrace
  • Doesn't leave streaksDoesn't leave streaks
  • Antiseptic formulaAntiseptic formula
  • Economical in useEconomical in use
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