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Decking WPC Outdoor 3D OCEAN

Decking WPC Outdoor 3D OCEAN. Color Brown mix
Decking WPC Outdoor 3D OCEAN. Color Black
Decking WPC Outdoor 3D OCEAN. Brown mix
Decking WPC Outdoor 3D OCEAN. Black
  • Brown mix
  • Black
  • 150*25*4000 мм

About the material

Decking from the Outdoor 3D collection is a unique design solution for your home. Of the obvious advantages of this building material can be distinguished:
• Extreme durability (especially typical for a full-bodied board-Strom/Old Wood collection).
• Wood-like texture-the 3D WPC Collection decking is almost indistinguishable from natural wood.
• 2 in 1 design – different texture and color on both sides. The design is unique, no one else in the CIS has such a board. Three special collections-Havana (grey, brown), Ocean (black, brown) and 2 in 1 Storm/Old Wood (black, grey, brown).
• Excellent water absorption, does not fade in the sun (maximum – half a ton for the entire time of use), does not crack and does not dry out.
• Service life-more than 25 years.
• No need for additional processing – the WPC decking does not need to be impregnated with special protective agents or painted. Just mount the terrace and enjoy your life!


• High-traffic areas.
• Laying of terraces and stairs.
• Children's playgrounds.
• Piers and swimming pools.
• Operated roofs.
• Architectural solutions (benches, tables, gazebos, flower beds, etc.).
  • Double-sided profileDouble-sided profile
  • Eco-friendly and clean materialEco-friendly and clean material
  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology
  • High resistance to moisture and rotHigh resistance to moisture and rot
  • Service life-more than 25 yearsService life-more than 25 years
  • High strength and wear resistanceHigh strength and wear resistance

Video about the installation

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